March 9, 2021


Hello Health Care Advocates,

Another whirlwind legislative session has come and gone! Check out the bill tracker on our website for a look at where things landed with the full list of bills we were watching: 

Health Policy Highlights:

  • hb34 - Medical Respite Care Pilot Program: ✅ Supported, Passed

  • hb92- Medical Practice Amendments: ✅ Opposed, Failed 

  • hb102 - Contraception for Inmates: ✅ Supported, Passed

  • hb146 - Overdose Reduction Working Group: Supported, Failed 

  • hb194 - Diabetes Prevention Program: Supported, Failed

  • hb206 - Epinephrine Auto-Injector Access Amendments: ✅ Supported, Passed 

  • hb262- Children's Health Insurance Amendments: ✅ Supported, Passed

  • hb344 - Program Eligibility Amendments: ✅ Opposed, Failed

  • hb363 - Medicaid Waiver for New Mothers: Supported, Failed (Interim Priority)

  • hb365 - State Agency Realignment: Opposed/supported interim study, Passed 

  • HJR 13 - Joint Resolution Declaring Racism a Moral and Public Health Crisis: Supported, Failed

  • sb63 - Caregiver Compensation Amendments: ✅ Supported, Passed

  • sb103 - Dental Hygienist Amendments: ✅ Supported, Passed 

  • sb128 - Family Planning Services Amendments: Supported, failed 

  • sb158 - Children's Health Coverage Amendments: Supported, Failed (Interim Priority)

Thank you for all of your advocacy efforts this session! We look forward to working with you all over the interim on these and other health policy priorities. 

Stay well, 

The UHPP Team

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